$$ Sales is a function of Price $$

Money, the fruit of all labor.

The first time I thought about pricing my book was when I came up on the requirement during the publishing process. Oh sure, the sugar plum fairies had been dancing in my head long before that, but I’d never given them any credibility. I knew, based on thorough research, that this was an investment with low expectations and that I’d have to write many books before I could think of making any real money.

So at the moment of truth, I took a look at the suggestion that Amazon was offering; it was based on your genre, the length of your book and your track record in publishing. The magic number for me was an incredibly encouraging $2.99. That was tough.

I’d been working on this book for just over a year and Amazon was advising me to sell it for $2.99 each? Come on, I thought, $2.99?

My family was in agreement that $2.99 was inadequate given the amount of effort I had put in – given an allowed range of $2.99 – $9.99, the consensus was $4.99. I would have gone even higher, but I went with their suggestion.

Sales $$$$ ??? !!! ??? $ ????

Two days later I realized the wisdom of Amazon’s statistical analysis and have lowered my price to the recommended $2.99.

More waiting.

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