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Writer’s Anonymous

I think addiction is an organic and necessary faculty of human beings. It’s our brain’s way of learning but when it results in self damaging or harmful behavior, we label it ‘addiction’ instead of the more accurate ‘learned behavior’ or … Continue reading

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The Editorial Committee

That’s my editorial committee pictured on the right. From the left, Grace, Zizi, and Zachary. My desire to write originated in the nightly story-time sessions we’ve always had and the difficulty I was having finding new fiction that they enjoyed. … Continue reading

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Routines and production

I’m convinced that one of the worst habits a writer can contract is an addiction to cliches. It’s perfectly okay to use cliches in everyday, spoken communications, so if I were speaking to you, like, in public, one-on-one, I’d probably say … Continue reading

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ART vs art

Which are you, an ARTIST or an artist? An ARTIST is one whose art is intellectually driven, high-brow stuff that may or may not be socially or politically conscious, but aims to ‘speak’ to people of means and substance, while … Continue reading

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Today I want to talk about software. A while back, I heard John Irving on ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me‘ revealing that he now writes all his work on paper, with pen and ink. I think I’d find the transition … Continue reading

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I was surprised by a bit of nostalgia today. Prior to getting down to writing the next book, I decided to archive all the files related to Dagger; couldn’t bring myself to delete everything like I probably should. So I … Continue reading

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Getting off the ground

If you’re gonna fly, you’ve gotta get off the ground, right? For the last six days, my book has been languishing in the Amazon Kindle bookstore, unread by anyone. So I decided to shake things up a bit and run … Continue reading

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Waiting, Learning.

I’ve been working on preparing (formatting) my book for the in-print edition with CreateSpace. Some people might be interested in the nuts and bolts of this processespecially since I’m an Ubuntu user and I’ve done the whole thing myself using … Continue reading

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Charleston, SC

Sometimes you just wish the world would stop for a moment to think. Why is our society, still, so brutal and primitive? Life goes on, as it must, as it should; death is an illusion inside a dream. Yet it … Continue reading

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But I Was Cool!

I’m trying to be cool about sales. Trying not to sink into obssesive checking on my stats every hour, or minute. How’s that working out? Give a listen to the old Oscar Brown song, ‘But I was Cool‘ to get … Continue reading

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